• Longrich Anti Mosquito Protection Spray

    Longrich Anti-mosquito (8 hours) protection spray
    Longrich Anti-Mosquito Spray Flower & Fruit Scent 8 Hours Protection against Insect BiteLongrich Anti-Mosquito Spray disturbs the insect’s ability to locate animals or human to feed on. It disturbs the function of special receptors in mosquito antennae. 5% Deet as its active content does not cause skin irritation or skin sensitization. Once it penetrates the human body, it is eliminated in urineEffect ingredients: DEET, 8 hours of effectiveness with positive virtue Compound floral and fruity fragrant style, the top fragrance is fresh citrus aromas, the body fragrance is quiet and elegant, bottom fragrance is warm musk, the whole fragrance is elegant and pleasant.


    • Made from fruits and flowers mosquitoes do not go near.
    • Contains DEET (maximum 5%) as its main ingredient which is not harsh on skin or causes skin irritation or skin sensitization
    •  Has friendly flower and fruit fragrance
    •  It does not cause skin irritation
    •  It does not cause oxidation
    •  It repels mosquito and other insects for 8 hours                                                                                                                                NB:- -Do not inhale, spray to the eye or mouth and keep away from children -Use with caution for asthmatic patient and pregnant women. Do not apply to injuries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Usage
    • Spray to the external parts of the Body
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